The Diocese of Christ our Hope’s mission is to plant, equip, and multiply disciple-making Anglican churches, and to support and serve their people and leaders in Christian life and mission.



The following are statements of conviction, faith, and commitment that shape and form 

the people and churches of our Diocese, our local and shared mission, 

and our local and shared ministry.



Jesus Christ is risen from the dead and enthroned as King. He is renewing all things. We are thankful to see him working in us and others, transforming institutions, communities, nations, even creation itself. Because of this great Good News, we walk in hope and expectancy. 



 Holy Scripture is God’s word, our authority for faith and practice. However, simplistic answers to the complex problems in our broken world can be a stumbling block to those we seek to serve. Therefore, we read Scripture, theology, history, and culture in earnest, praying for robust answers that convey truth with wisdom and mercy. 



We are deeply rooted in the historic Christian Church, in our Anglican tradition, and in the surprising story of God’s work in us through the Anglican Church of Rwanda. These gifts bring us into an ongoing story filled with miracle, mystery, connection, and blessing.


Our common worship is both rooted and relevant, drawing us fully into God’s presence through Word, Sacrament, and the Holy Spirit. Our worship is liturgical, timeless, and adaptable. It opens the door to deep personal transformation for all who participate with hearts open to God. 




Our Diocese operates on a lean budget to maximize resources for Gospel expansion and church planting. We respond to needs and opportunities prayerfully, seeking to be wise, generous stewards in the work of the Kingdom of God.


Historic Christianity has always believed that place matters. We plant and support churches that settle into the life of the community, seeking to love and engage people, institutions, and culture with the Gospel.


God’s purpose is to form us into people who think, feel, and live differently because we follow Christ. We are dedicated to equipping children, teens, and adults to be holy and free, flourishing in all life’s opportunities and challenges. We are especially committed to developing next-generation leaders for the continuing mission of the Church in every aspect of our culture.


We are compelled to share the blessings and gifts we have been given as we join together with other Christians in the work of the Gospel. We are committed to being highly relational and collaborative. 




God has deeply welcomed us, so we welcome others into our lives and homes. Sharing life together is one of God’s greatest gifts to his household. Generous, gracious hospitality is also our calling for the sake of those in our community who do not yet share our Christian life and faith.


God’s love for the poor, the needy, the afflicted, the widow, the orphan, and the stranger is unmistakable. He calls us to be the hands, the feet, and the faces of compassion and service in this world. We encourage and foster local efforts of mercy, jus tice, and compassion in every community we serve. every community we serve.


In starting new works, we are willing to take risks for the Kingdom of God. We stretch ourselves to consider the possibilities. We pioneer into new territory, following the lead of Jesus, who is the ultimate Pioneer and Risk-taker for the sake of others.


 Faithfulness in a secular age is often wearingly difficult. In spite of every obstacle and challenge, we thank the Lord for our common vocation as his witnesses and for his countless gifts of grace that carry us in our everyday lives. 


The Diocese of Christ our Hope’s mission is to plant, equip, and multiply disciple-making Anglican churches, and to support and serve their people and leaders in Christian life and mission.


PO Box 52449

Durham, NC 27717



PO Box 52449

Durham, NC 27717