MAY 27TH,2016

Diocesan Council Meeting – May 20-21, 2016


This past Friday and Saturday, our Diocesan Council met in Chapel Hill, NC, at the home of Bishop Steve and Sally Breedlove for a time of fellowship and prayer, as well as to discuss important Diocesan matters.  The main business items on the agenda included:

  1. Overall direction of the Diocese

  2. Anticipating Regional meetings in 2017

  3. Plans for Synod 2016

  4. Financial update

  5. Canonical requirements/action items

  6. Philosophy for Church Planting

  7. Mission Partnership grants for 2017

The Lord showed favor by blessing the Council with great productivity and unity of hearts and minds.


Several encouraging stories were shared by different members of the Council about the recent happenings around the Diocese.

Bishop Steve Breedlove shared how encouraged he is to see what God is doing as he visits our churches, and he expressed his heartfelt gratitude to God for bringing together the Diocesan Council and Staff.

Tom Bost, Glen Wise, and David Black (the clergy and lay representatives from the Blue Ridge Region) shared how encouraging it was to see clergy come together at their Regional gathering and hear the stories of what God is doing in different churches.  It was very helpful for them to see how the decisions that are made at Diocesan and Regional levels are having such a positive impact on local mission in various places.

Ford Jordan (clergy representative from the Piedmont-Coastal Region) and his wife, Lindsay, recently attended one of our Clergy Couples retreats where the Lord met them and blessed them with rest, encouragement, and good challenges.


In addition to all this, the Diocesan Council shared meals, got to know each other better, and enjoyed some very sweet time of extended fellowship and prayer.


The Holy Spirit was powerfully present and at work throughout, as strategies, timelines, priorities, and tasks came more and more into focus, bringing with them a clearer sense of purpose and responsibility.  All in all, the Diocesan Council came away very encouraged, blessed, and with a positive outlook on the rest of 2016.

Our mission is to plant, build, and equip disciple-making Anglican churches, their people, and those who serve them.


The Diocese of Christ our Hope’s mission is to plant, equip, and multiply disciple-making Anglican churches, and to support and serve their people and leaders in Christian life and mission.


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PO Box 52449

Durham, NC 27717