APRIL 26TH,2016

Last month we wrote you about a strong conviction that we share concerning the necessity of prayer support for our ministries, our clergy, our churches, our families, and for the whole work of the Diocese of Christ our Hope. As we shared then, we have been remiss in establishing a solid, dependable network of intercession for the Diocese. We are unwilling to go one step farther without this. 


We are seeking two prayer ministries – a Bishops and Staff Personal Intercessors team and a DCH Intercessory Prayer Team. A number of people have contacted Canon David Hyman (david@holytrinitychatham.org) and Kate Breedlove (kbreedlove@adhope.org) to express interest. THANK YOU. But we’re not to goal yet. 


Concerning the DCH Intercessory Prayer Team, it is our desire to have at least one prayer warrior in every church in the Diocese as a liaison to the prayer ministers and staff of that church. Imagine an interwoven web with a “connection point” in every church who in turn is connected to the network of prayer within that church. Canon David is in process of calling every rector to get the name(s) of potential “connection points” for each church, but if God is calling you to serve, don’t wait for that process. Contact Canon David AND Kate on your own. 


In addition, we are seeking a handful of men and women who have a unique calling to prayer that does not depend on being connected with a prayer request info system – a Bishops and Staff Personal Intercessory Team. In other words, your calling is to be before the Lord on behalf of the Diocese, its bishops, staff, leaders, and clergy, and to pray as the Lord calls, but not necessarily prompted by requests. This sort of ministry requires a sensitivity to listen as the Spirit urges you to pray – knowing that what you hear is not authoritative, but must be held lightly as a offering to the Lord on our behalf. If you have a sense of calling to that sort of prayer, please let Canon David and Kate know as well. 


Anyone who signs up to serve with either the Bishops and Staff Personal Intercessors or the DCH Intercessory Prayer Team needs to have a short written recommendation from his / her pastor. 


If you want a more complete explanation of what we are looking for, click here


Our mission is to plant, build, and equip disciple-making Anglican churches, their people, and those who serve them.


The Diocese of Christ our Hope’s mission is to plant, equip, and multiply disciple-making Anglican churches, and to support and serve their people and leaders in Christian life and mission.


PO Box 52449

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PO Box 52449

Durham, NC 27717