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Meet Our Church Plants Series: Buffalo, NY

Click here to read an article from Buffalo News about our church planter, Rev'd Bryan Wandel.

Share your vision for Church of the Atonement in Buffalo

Buffalo is a working class town undergoing major changes in the last 6-7 years. However, economic growth without spiritual growth will disappoint this place again. We are seeking spiritual rhythms to renew our souls and sustain our city. Atonement is the only Anglican church in Buffalo, and the only church that is both liturgically-oriented and evangelically-minded. Buffalo is one of the 10 most post-Christian cities in America, and we are looking toward a long-term vision of re-rooting the gospel here through service, community, and hope.

What are you most excited about? Our most successful events have been the Nickel City Forum. We meet monthly in a pub with an expert to discuss issues related to faith & mind. Attendance has been around 40-70 from all kinds of faith/non-faith backgrounds. We are also excited to find a ministry to the poor that our church can really throw ourselves into - during Lent we are connecting with a ministry in Buffalo that houses and supports refugee-seekers, the largest of its kind in the US.

Finally, we are excited for new opportunities to present the hope of the gospel in a region that has largely moved beyond religious categories.

Where has God shown up so far? We had an event for the Nickel City Forum in January, a debate on whether smartphones are bad for the soul - 80 people showed up in a bar and paid the cover fee for the discussion. Also, despite our small size, we've been able to grow from literally zero one year ago to a functioning church with 30 people per Sunday. We have seen a number of people show up at services and Bible studies who are not church-goers.

What can we be praying for specifically? Pray for our hiring situations, as we look for a 10-20 hour/week music director and a 20-30 hour/week ministry fellow. This will help us build a team while I do full time accounting work.

To everyone in the Diocese of Christ Our Hope: Whom do you know in or near Buffalo who might be interested in Church of the Atonement? Help Fr Bryan network.

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The Diocese of Christ our Hope’s mission is to plant, equip, and multiply disciple-making Anglican churches, and to support and serve their people and leaders in Christian life and mission.


PO Box 52449

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PO Box 52449

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