JUNE 28TH,2016

“Come walk with me!” is the invitation that we have been given through videos, emails, face-to-face meetings with our beloved friend and Rwandan Archbishop Onesphore Rwaje and his ambassador, Reverend Brandon Walsh. Over the past year, you have probably become familiar with the Walk with Rwanda campaign that is designed to provide an opportunity for Rwanda’s provincial office to be financially self-sustaining. This project’s successful completion is absolutely vital to the Rwandan church’s ability to fully embrace its work among the million plus Anglicans within that country, and it remains Archbishop Rwaje’s top priority. We have the tremendous opportunity, as individuals and as churches, to continue to walk with Rwanda through the support of this project. 


And, we are thrilled to announce that there is also another way to continue to love and “walk” with Rwanda. Rwanda Ministry Partners (RMP) has now been formed and is ready to receive you as a member church! This newly-established relational ministry is the outgrowth of Archbishop Rwaje’s vision to nurture and expand the North American and Rwandan Anglican Church’s relationship. The deep bond that has already been forged initially resulted from Rwanda’s display of courageous and sacrificial leadership in offering refuge and hope for a vibrant, biblical and missional Anglicanism in North America. The unselfish and bold act that took place in 2000 has been a foundation for a vibrant Anglicanism in North America (ACNA) as well as a foundation for the global church’s ongoing renewal (GAFCON).


This important story of Church and community transformation continues, and RMP is embracing its mission of facilitating this. At the end of May, the Reverend n Dr. Regina Hopewell, deacon, was offered the role of Executive Director of RMP. Regina comes to RMP with 16 years of experience in advocate and church partner relationship management, organizational strategy development, and international trip leading through Compassion International. In addition, Regina serves as deacon at International Anglican Church in Colorado Springs where she has headed that church’s Rwanda ministry team for several years. Having personally experienced and also having observed literally thousands of individuals and hundreds of church bodies being deeply shaped by global relationships, Regina can attest to the fact that sister church relationships, when done carefully and wisely, can be life-changing for all involved. When the RMP Design Team saw Regina’s resume and heard her passion for global relationships, we had a deep sense that God may have been preparing her for “such a time as this”. Basically she is a relational missions "rockstar" God has perfectly equipped for this ministry!!


Embedded in the formation of Rwanda Ministry Partners, is the deeply-held truth and belief that global relationships matter. God has given His Church the mission of reconciliation, redemption, and restoration. Rwanda has journeyed along this road, in the midst of suffering, more than most nations and, as a result, has much insight to offer on these topics to the global church.  I am sure most of you can attest that we e are shaped as we walk together — and we have strengths we can offer one another —and in this sharing we experience the goodness of God.  These blessings will only be fully realized if founded in and nurtured through intentional and authentic relationships. That is why we hope you will enter into relationship -- church to church, diocese to diocese, province to province -- for the purpose of God’s Kingdom mission.


RMP is fully endorsing and in complete support of the Walk with Rwanda Provincial Sustainability Project. We recognize that this is the first and most vital step in the long walk to be taken side by side as partners walking together into the future. 


Come, walk with us! 


Please consider giving to the Walk with Rwanda Campaign so that the Provincial Office in Rwanda can be self-sustaining. And, consider becoming a Rwanda Ministry Partner and develop a sister church relationship with a parish in Rwanda. To learn more about what becoming a Rwanda Ministry Partner can mean for your church, contact Regina at



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